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Stay on top of the market and ahead of the competition by being the first with the latest news. With the PLX.AI news service add-in to the Infront terminal, you get access to European financial market news virtually as it happens.

PLX.AI extracts real-time financial news instantly and accurately from company reports, stock exchange statements and regulatory filings using a natural language processing algorithm. The news is then delivered to you on the Infront Professional Terminal  or Infront Active Trader within milliseconds  to inform and guide your trading decisions.


Detecting the unexpected across Europe

Companies report surprising earnings results at unexpected times. PLX.AI is uniquely able to automatically extract and deliver this news to clients. PLX.AI algorithms instantly detect earnings surprises and guidance changes during trading hours, flashing these changes on the terminal. PLX.AI news also covers analyst research, management changes, insider trading, short position changes and other stock-moving events. 

From the start, PLX.AI provides automated headlines and stories in English on 500 stocks from the Nordics, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The service will be expanding to the United States and other European countries later in 2020.






Dispalyed in the Infront termial


Selection of companies listed in

  • Nordics
  • Germany 
  • Switzerland
  • Austria

How to get access

  • Type in MyProfile, select "New services", News and chose "News: news" 
  • If you do not have access to MyProfile, contact your local administrator or our customer support

Free trial

  • You can test the service as a trial for 7 days from MyProfile