Wednesday, 25 Mar, 2015

A major Danish bank needed an Eikon replacement. They turned to Infront.

The team of over 80 wealth managers at a major Danish bank needed quality market data and analysis tools to ensure they could deliver a high level of service to their cli...

Monday, 16 Mar, 2015

Do you have the data you need to survive in today's volatile FX market?

The ongoing euro crisis has raised the profile of the currency markets across the board. But recent events in the FX markets have shaken even the pros, and reminded marke...

Tuesday, 10 Mar, 2015

VIDEO: How to use keyboard shortcuts in Infront

The Infront terminal is packed with real-time market data, news, analytics tools and lots more. If you're a brand new Infront user, it can be hard to know where to begin...

Monday, 23 Feb, 2015

3 tips to speed up your Infront terminal for trading

If you’re trading with your Infront terminal, speed is king. That extra second it takes you to search for a symbol, find a news story or scan the trade ticker can make t...

Wednesday, 18 Feb, 2015

What makes Infront the Nordic specialists? (Infographic)

Infront terminals and trading solutions are widely used within the financial services industry across the Nordics. No other vendor is closer to the real, day-to-day requi...

Wednesday, 11 Feb, 2015

Corporate bonds going electronic: Threats and opportunities for buy-side firms

It’s all change in the corporate bond marketplace: the game is going electronic.

Wednesday, 04 Feb, 2015

Faster click trading tools for pros and day traders

Infront is used as a trading terminal by thousands of finance professionals and day traders around the world. In the latest version of the Infront terminal released toda...

Monday, 19 Jan, 2015

Soft commissions: Stand by for a shake-up

It’s not often that an action by a regulator has a direct impact on the day-to-day activities of market traders (if you discount last week’s surprise action by the Swiss ...