Comprehensive data and feed solutions

Gain an overall view of the market with the information you need, and data you can trust.

Stay on top of the market

Quality content from Infront is packed into all of our products, giving you market information including company fundamentals, consensus estimates, macroeconomic indicators, funds data and much more. Our worldwide market data universe serves as a data feed for your own applications, Intranets and Internet services. Publish your own financial market information in a precise and legal way for special target groups. With our software solutions, you can also keep up to date on the relevant markets in real-time. You can rely on Infront’s extensive experience and knowledge of data, analytics, regulatory and portfolio management.

Our Data & Feed Solutions include the products Data Manager and Data Analytics XL, which you can read more about below.

Data Manager

The data manager products provide you with access to approx. 120 stock exchanges, 35 futures and commodities exchanges, 180 OTC contributors and more than 500 capital management and investment companies.

Your benefits

  • Up-to-the minute price data, key figures, master data and business news via one connection
  • Update rates from real time to end-of-day delivery
  • Support with licensing and settlement with exchanges
  • Cost efficiency thanks to modular content packages
  • Easy link-up to existing IT landscapes, and rapid time-to-market
Data Manager

Data Analytics XL

Data Analytics XL is an independent add-in for Microsoft Excel which allows you to put together, calculate and visualise financial market information according to your personal preferences. It provides you access to real-time and delayed price data from stock exchanges, banks and brokers.

Your benefits

  • Real-time pricing data in Microsoft Excel
  • Can be used with and without vwd market manager
  • Efficient data supply via RealTimeData function