Digitize your investment offering

Deliver multi-asset global market data and electronic trading services to your retail and private investor clients in your existing infrastructure and increase your order flow.

Create your own online brokerage solution

Equip your private investor clients with powerful online electronic trading services in your existing infrastructure and increase your order flow.  Support multi-asset trading, customize access to global market data, and include your proprietary content all in the same platform. Modern, easy-to-deploy desktop, web and mobile apps, back-office integration, order validation and web-based user administration tools give you fully managed, cost-efficient and customer-driven trading solutions.

Our Private Investor & Web Solutions include the products Infront Active Trader, Infront Web Trader and Infront Web Toolkit, which you can read more about below.

Infront Active Trader

Empower your most active private investor clients with a professional-grade trading terminal. Give your clients access to global, multi-asset market data, news and analysis, and an EMS solution all in your own infrastructure.

Web trader

Your benefits

  • Provide your active clients with advanced electronic trading
  • Full integration for any algorithm that supports FIX
  • Easily create new user accounts, and manage access to market data services and features in real-time from a web-based user admin system
  • Share your own proprietary news, research, market prices and more

Infront Web Trader

With the Infront Web Trader, you can cater to your clients who are somewhat active investors. This HTML5 web application allows customers to quickly discover, analyze and trade on market data in your environment.

Infront Web Trader

Your benefits

  • Easy-to-deploy, multi-asset class trading solution
  • Streaming real-time quotes, news, events and charts
  • Lean server architecture ensures low-latency trading and market data
  • Accurate and comprehensive managed market data

Infront Web Toolkit

Provide your retail clients with quality market data and trading functionality on your website. The Infront Web Toolkit is designed to be flexible and very easy to configure, with embedded widgets for market data, analytics, proprietary data, trading and portfolio components that are easily designed to reflect your brand and customized to meet your customers' needs.

Your benefits

  • Streaming access to multi-asset global markets
  • Built for speed with cutting edge technology
  • Fully integrated trading
  • Managed market data
  • Easy to implement and integrate
  • Works across mobile, web, and desktop
  • Easily customizable. Brand-match and customize the look and feel.
  • Infront’s lean server architecture ensures low-latency and a small footprint
  • Cut time to market and lower maintenance costs

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