Infront Web Trader

Leveraging more than two decades of experience, we bring you one of the most complete packages of tools and resources for traders available today. Web Trader is a new HTML5 web application that allows customers to quickly discover, analyze and trade on market data.

Activate your retail clients

Help customers go from insight to action in a heartbeat. Find a market opportunity. Validate ideas. Then strike when the time is right.

  • Stay on top of the markets with streaming real-time quotes, news, charts, analytics and trading
  • Buy, sell, research, generate ideas, and track the markets, all in one place.
  • Integrate in-house research, news and market data
  • Capture more of your clients’ electronic order flow
Activate your retail clients

Key features


Powerful idea-generating widgets stream real-time quotes, news, events, advanced intraday and historical charts, with built-in technical analysis


Web Trader is an HTML5 single page app which provides a lightning fast and interactive user interface. Infront's lean server architecture ensures low-latency trading and market data.


Our range of  tools include multiple layouts, which enables customers to move windows around to suit their needs. This gives customers a much larger trading dashboard and lets them use the space more efficiently. Switch between layouts quickly and easily via the quick links at the bottom desktop toolbar.

Managed market data

Infront provides accurate and comprehensive market data managed securely from our data centres. Integrate your in-house data, OTC prices, time series, and more.


Browser-based, no need to download software or install plug-ins.

Fully integrated trading

Capture more of your clients’ electronic order flow by leveraging existing infrastructure with easy-to-deploy, multi-asset class trading solutions.