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Discover, analyze and trade global financial markets quickly and easily with intuitive market data and trading solutions

Flexible and cost efficient market data and trading solutions

Get real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading, in modular solutions that you can easily tailor to your needs. With fast and powerful search, analytics and alert tools, you can cut through the noise and gain unique market insight for better investment decisions.

Our Professional Terminals & Trading Solutions include the products Infront Professional Terminal, Infront Professional Terminal for Traders, Infront Professional Terminal Trading, which you can read more about below.

Trading Terminal

Infront Professional Terminal

With information on more than 8 million instruments from 80 exchanges around the globe as well as several leading specialist and OTC sources, the Infront Professional Terminal gives you accurate and comprehensive market data managed securely from our data centers. Access markets in real-time, delayed, or end-of-day.

Your benefits

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Excellent overview of global markets
  • Broad global data coverage
  • Integration of proprietary data
  • Portfolio displays
  • Superior charting
  • Dynamic Excel integration
  • R & Python APIs
  • No additional required infrastructure
  • Quick & reliable support

Infront Professional Terminal for Traders

Set up your execution solutions just the way you want them, with powerful trading functionality at your fingertips. The Infront Professional Terminal Trading Module is an independent electronic trading platform with access to global counterparties and multi-asset class execution of both listed and OTC products.


  • Connects buy-side, sell-side, trading venues, professionals and retail users alike
  • Basket trading, program trading, re-balancing portfolios, DMA, Care, RSP, RFQ, strategies and algos
  • Margin, cash, and net value validation, and user categorization
  • Integrates with portfolio systems, back office systems, order management systems, Algo providers, FIX networks
  • Hosted Infront Connect is compliant with the MiFID II RTS 25 clock synchronization requirements

Infront Professional Terminal Trading Solutions

Infront electronic trading solutions support multiple stages of the trading lifecycle – from order idea initiation and electronic execution via single broker connections or multi-broker trading networks, through risk management and reception of confirmations drop-copied to a back-office system.

The flexibility and modularity of the platform make it easy to set up execution solutions to fit the needs of buy-sides and sell-sides alike. Sell-side firms can leverage existing infrastructure with easy-to-deploy trading solutions via FIX. Buy-side firms can implement an intuitive trading front-end for multi-asset trading with global counterparties. Get access to real-time markets and monitor all flow in the same solution.

Your benefits

  • Fully managed
  • Broker neutral
  • Rapid and easy on-boarding
  • Cost efficient  [underpinning competition]
  • Reliable and robust
  • Flexible, innovative and agile
  • Cutting edge technology

Investment Manager

Get extensive market data on a cloud-based platform. Choose the specifics of your data and news to suit your individual requirements. Investment Manager is a responsive web-based application built with state of the art technology.

Your benefits

  • Modular offer with access to all our cloud-based products
  • Responsive web-based application
  • Continuous updates to latest features and functionality
  • No IT installations necessary
Solutions for multiple stages of the trading lifecycle

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