Regulatory & Calculation Solutions

Get quality, independent calculation and pricing services that support compliance with regulatory requirements.

Regulatory & Calculation Solutions

We are a leading RegTech in the field of independent calculation and pricing services. Special focus lies on calculations of risk figures in connection with regulatory requirements such as PRIIPs, MiFID II, etc., as well as fair value calculations of all financial products. Our solutions are high-quality proprietary developments with no black boxes. Due to our strong relationship to academic research, all services reflect or define the market standard at any time.

Our Regulatory & Calculation Solutions include the products Diamond Rating, Valuation Services, Portfolio Risk Service, Document Hub, Classification Service and Template Manager, which you can read more about below.

Diamond Rating

Funds is one of our core competencies. We are the leading company in collecting, enriching, analysing, creation, storing, distributing and publishing investment fund information. To analyse and value the investment funds, we have created a fund rating we call the diamond rating.

Your benefits

  • Distribution via the systems to approx. 50,000 workstations for financial market data, portfolio management and advisory processes
  • Publication on numerous web portals, e.g. Spiegel Online, Manager Magazin, online portals of about 70 regional daily newspapers
  • Annual Cash Fund Awards

Valuation Services

Is the rapid acquisition of complex (product) structures important? We are specialised in the quantitative analyses and independent valuation of structured products, complex derivatives and (illiquid) bonds.

Your benefits

  • Independent Post Transaction Valuation
  • Input factors and key performance indicators
  • Examination of Market Compliance resp. Transaction Validation

Portfolio risk service

In addition to risk classification at individual product level, our Portfolio Risk Service enables you to measure risk at portfolio level, taking diversification effects into account.

Your benefits

  • Professional, fast portfolio risk model
  • Complete risk transparency
  • Meaningful risk reporting
  • Technical assistance
  • Provision of generated key figures for any further use
  • High-quality risk forecasts
  • Standardization of processes and calculations

Document Hub

Access all relevant regulatory data and documents in just one step, all in the same platform. You can generate, deliver and obtain mandatory publications and regulatory documents and data, including product information sheets (PIB) and key investor information (UCITS-KIID).

Your benefits

  • Flexible integration into existing (advisory) systems and your internal process architecture
  • Web frontend for easy access to current and archived documents via Internet login
  • Proven standard interfaces to central service providers and established core banking systems
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and consideration of market standards
  • Know-how in the segment of SaaS and outsourcing services (e.g. certification according to IDW PS 951 - Type 2)

Classification services

Independent product and risk assessment, market analyses and studies. As a specialist for the analysis and evaluation of financial products, EDG has extensive expertise and experience in a wide range of regulatory (e.g. MiFID II, Basel III, UCITS IV-V) and practical issues with a focus on quantitative topics.

Your benefits

  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Independent calculations based on objective, quantitative models
  • High level of competence in the regulatory environment

Template manager

Process-reliable and automated template creation, workflow-supported administration, regulatory-compliant key figure calculation and automated distribution. As part of our platform services, the Template Manager is always adapted to your individual process steps. You select the service components such as key figure calculation, market data and desired document types for the automatic creation and distribution of documents.

Your benefits

  • Everything from a single source: master and price data, key figure calculations, document creation, interfaces and distribution
  • Powerful and reliable: experienced service provider for the financial industry across all target groups
  • Technologically experienced: over 100,000 document retrievals, 500,000 document generation, 1,000,000 regulatory calculations daily
  • Certified services and experienced outsourcing service provider according to EU standards for the banking industry in Germany and Switzerland

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