Infront Treasury Data

From pricing, peer and OTC contributed data to money market views, our Treasury solution helps you follow fast moving markets, manage financial resources and risks, and optimize hedging strategies, delivering a comprehensive and easy-to-use terminal.


Our solution is designed for the daily tasks of treasury departments, asset managers, governments, and other institutions, allowing our clients to benefit from Infront's leading front-end technology and delivering a comprehensive and easy-to-use terminal that puts you ahead of the game. We developed our solution with the strictest Fixed Income, Money Market, and Foreign Exchange data requirements in mind, giving you access to a broad universe of real-time global data from major banks, brokers, exchanges and newswires.


Keeping up-to-date

Choose to inform your global trading and investing decisions with pertinent industry-leading news, event data and archives—published on the Infront Professional terminal first with accompanying analysis and commentary from industry-embedded journalists. We provide access to the most thorough and up-to-date sources of real-time, global news and analysis through Dow Jones Newswires, Direkt and TDN in an intuitive and powerful environment.

Broad coverage

With Infront, you will have access to hundreds of price sources from regional banks, global brokers, and exchanges in real-time. Our comprehensive Fixed Income and FX data provides you with direct OTC contributions from global banks in addition to global exchange data and inter-dealer broker data from Tullett Prebon,  delivering a comprehensive terminal to fulfill your needs.

Specialized data

  • IBOR fixings, deposits, and reference rates
  • Swaptions, Caps and Floors
  • Forward Rate Agreements
  • Plain Vanilla, Currency, and tenor basis Interest Rate Swaps
  • Overnight Index Swaps
  • Deposit rates
  • FX Spots, Forwards, and Options
  • Benchmark, mortgage, and municipal bonds
  • Treasury bills and bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Credit Default Swaps, including iTraxx indices
  • S&P Ratings

Market insight

  • Tullett Prebon information
  • ICE Futures Europe: commodities and financials
  • Dow Jones Newswires: Global FX and Fixed Income News
  • TDN Finans
  • Ritzau Finans
  • Nyhetsbyrån Direkt

Analytics and tools

  • Spread matrix
  • Curve interpolation and graphical analysis
  • 3D Volatility Surface
  • FX Forwards calculator
  • Excel integration
  • Desktop API for R and Python

Intuitive and powerful

Make the most of your data with the Infront’s analysis tools and intuitive user interface: Our pre-made desktops gives you an overarching view of markets, instrument types, and quantitative analysis tools. Analyze and compare instruments with our powerful chart engine. Interpolate yield, forward and swap curves for credits of various rating levels, and more. Obtain discount factors, cross-calculated FX spots and FX forwards for any broken date and pair. 

Infront Treasury at a glance



Optimize long-term funding

· Corporate bonds, CDS, loan pricing

· Credit ratings, debt structure

· Screen for peer companies using in-depth data on over 65,000 listed companies, with up to 30 years of fundamentals and with consensus estimates from Infront

· Display by country for 0 to 40 year treasuries, bond futures and swap instruments; benchmarks out to 10 years

· FX forwards, interpolated rates, spread matrix, 3D Volatility Surface Charts, and Advanced Curve Charts

Mitigate currency risk and maximize execution quality

· Spots, forwards, swaps, options and money markets

· A comprehensive range of in-depth data on the OTC markets from Tullett Prebon, operating in 21 countries, with over 1600 brokers globally

Manage credit and counterparty risk

· Ratings from Standard & Poor's, one of the world’s major credit-rating agency

Manage short-term liquidity and optimize hedging

· Money market views including fixings deposits, repos, central bank rates, commercial paper, short term interest rates, interest rate derivatives, ABS, MBS and CDOs

· FX spots across 175 currencies from trusted sources in over 180 countries

· Position valuation and portfolio analysis for pricing and reference data – end of day and intraday

        · LIBOR, EURIBOR and other IBORs in real-time

· OTC contributed data from leading Nordic banks and brokerages