Infront Analytics

With Infront Analytics you get a unique combination of in-depth data, expert analysis and powerful modelling tools.

Data and analytics

We provide high quality analytics on an unmatched global coverage of over 80,000 active public companies. Our recognized expertise in cross-country standardization ensures consistent financial calculations across markets and industries.

Standardized financials

The standardization process groups like items together into a standardized model that is common for all companies operating in the same industry. It also separates nonrecurring from recurring items in order to allow analysts to properly assess a company’s performance.

Multiples and Ratios

Multiples and ratios

Instantly access market multiples (current, historical, forecast, LTM, NTM) and financial ratios (growth, profitability, margins, liquidity, capital structure, asset utilization).


Peer analysis

Take advantage of our predefined peer groups and unique tools for the identification of the best comparable companies — even within highly specific industry sectors. After saving your peer group, access market multiples and financial ratios in a single click. 

Peer groups

Use our predefined peer groups provided for any selected company and customize them to your needs. Or build your own peer groups using our patented Peer Tracker tool.

Peer groups
Company valuation

Comparable valuation

Our comparable analysis tables are an effective way to easily and quickly compare companies side-by-side, using either predefined or user-defined lists of comparables.

GPRV analysis

GPRV is a patented tool for assessing the relative value of listed stocks using fundamental analysis. It provides a graphical view of a stock’s attractiveness through 4 categories: Growth, Profitability, Risk and Value.

Custom reports

Build your comp table on the web and export it to Excel in one click. When you need to refresh your data, it's just one more click. Want a full company report in PDF format? Again, you are just a click away. 

Company factsheet

Get a PDF report, customizable and downloadable in one click, that summarizes all key information about a company and comparable companies.


Data export & Excel modeling

Tools for efficient data sharing:

- Chart download, to print/export as an image or PDF,
- Quick export to Excel, to export as a non-refreshable model,
- Smart export to Excel, to export as a refreshable model.

Create your personalized and customizable Excel reports with the Excel add-in.

Market Analysis

Top-down or bottom-up? We can do both. To analyze the market from the big picture all the way down to individual companies, we help you identify which industry sectors or market indices are performing best and pinpoint relative differences between comparable companies.

League Tables

League Tables are lists of companies, belonging to an index, a sector index or a personal list, ranked according to a financial criterion. Use them, for instance, to analyze an equity market across industry sectors.

League tables

Market Screener

A dedicated interface in the platform, the Market Screener allows you to filter the database according to your set of criteria (including universe, industry and financial criteria). Search results can then be analyzed and/or saved.

Market screener

Index/Sector Analysis

Get an overall view of a specific company universe with the company lists – allowing you to conduct a top-down analysis on all active companies for any selected country, index or industry sector.

Index sector analysis
Clear overview