Portfolio Tracker

View, track and interact with your portfolio and the market - all in one place and in real-time

The ultimate tool for real-time portfolio overview

The Infront Portfolio Tracker gives you a complete overview of your portfolios and the market with specific news, macroeconomic events, fundamental analytics and back testing. With cross-platform real-time alerts using Infront's Noise Reduction algorithm, you are always updated on portfolio performance. The Infront Portfolio Tracker allows you to view, track and interact with your portfolio and the market - all in one place and in real-time.


In control of your portfolio

  • Full integration with Portfolio Management Systems and automatic Excel/CSV upload
  • Cross-platform real-time alerts on portfolio performance and events
  • Multi-account management: easy search of client's portfolios, and overview of intra-day performance of multiple portfolios
  • Summary of the portfolios' composition and attribution
  • Portfolio-specific news, research, and macroeconomic events
  • Portfolio attribution and characteristics
  • Fundamental analytics for the portfolio holdings
  • Back testing
  • Multiple asset classes
  • Enhanced institutional trading
  • Extended functionality for Excel
  • Desktop API's - Python, R

Smooth integration with portfolio management systems

Infront provides two-way integrations with several portfolio management systems, allowing you to see and trade on your positions in the Infront terminal, and to export end-of-day pricing from the terminal to your portfolio system. Asset managers, wealth managers, private bankers and others can find investment ideas, follow the markets in real-time, analyze opportunities and trade directly in Infront.

In addition to integrating with your Portfolio Management system, Portfolio Tracker can also import portfolios via Excel or csv files. With multi-account management you can easily search your client’s portfolios and oversee intra-day performance of multiple portfolios.

Infront data service

Use global, multi-asset pricing data from Infront in your 3rd party systems.

  • Data API with easy-to-integrate HTTP/REST interface
  • Cloud-based (no software or infrastructure required)
  • Available 24/7